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Can provide all or part of the service for basic and detail engineering, procurement, construction and project management. We have an extensive track record in the implementation of large turnkey contracts and the arrangement of related international financing on behalf of our clients. We work with partners from all parts of the globe and implement a global procurement policy that enables Merç Global Group  to obtain the most competitive prices on the international market. We are thus in a position to fulfill the expectations of operators wanting to entrust the largest possible range of services to a single contractor able to manage all aspects of a major project at an optimized cost. 

E.P.C contracting and subcontracting services.
Oil - gas and energy field (Site) support services.
Project management and consulting engineering.
Consulting services for renewable energy investment.
Real estate project development and land searching.
Camp preparing & management and catering services.
Foreign companies representing and consulting services.
Turkish man power staffing & supplying services.
Global man power staffing & supplying services.
Oil & gas hr training and certification services.


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