Doctors Specialities:

1. Anesthesia
2. Intensive Care Units ICU.NICU.PICU
3. Diagnostic Radiology (physicians only) 
4. Obys/Gynecology
5. Neurology
6. Nephrology
7. Orthopedic
8. Vascular Surgery
9. Neurosurgery
10. Emergency

Physicians Salary:

Usually, Medical Staff will subject to the following salary scale:
1. Consultant (have more than 5 years’ experience after the Board/MD) starting Salary 12145 SAR + 665 SAR /yr. experience after the last certificate. Max 22120 SAR/month
Transportation 500 SAR/month
2. Senior Registrar (Specialist with Board/MD) Salary 10755 SAR + 530 SAR /yr. experience after the last certificate. Max18705 SAR/month
Transportation 500 SAR/month 
3. Registrar (Specialist have more than 2 years’ experience after the MSc) Salary 9260 SAR + 505 SAR /yr. experience after the last certificate. Max 16835 SAR/month
Transportation 500 SAR/month
Job description
Medical staff will cover the duties that related to his specialization and his qualification.
The working hours are 5 days per week, 8 hours/day.
Work locations:
In hospitals of MOH which is located in cities, usually these cities including universities, schools, markets, hotels. Hospitals are of 200-500 beds
Contract Validity:  One (1) Year (Renewable upon request of the candidate & subject to approval by the ministry.)   
Housing Salary of 3 months not exceeding 50000 SAR/ yr.

It is Tax-free salary

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